Bicycle tours along the Oder-Neisse border

The bicycle route along the German-Polish border from Zittau via Frankfurt to the Baltic See passes just next to our office: HeimatReise, Ziegelstrasse 28, 15230 Frankfurt/Oder.

Thanks to this we can see that the number of bike tourists increases continuously each year.

We rent bicycles and canoes! Prices on request.

We provide you with additional services around your holidays:

- professional guided tours through divided towns, villages and landscapes on the eastern side of Oder and Neisse as well;

- organisational support and additional program e.g. accommodation and good regional food on both sides of the border, ship tours etc.;

organising tours on side roads (the official bicycle path runs exclusively on the German side. However, there is a fully developed network of marked side paths of the Oder-Neisse-Route on the Polish side as well. You will find there also tourist infrastructure for bikers).
We supply you with maps, brochures and information about accommodation, campsites etc., and on request also with Polish-German-English companion and interpreter.
We can offer you also all-inclusive packages for companies, groups, associations and families. Prices and conditions on request.