Personal journey

You have been thinking of visiting the place of your childhood or your family's history? You would like to find out whether the parents' house is still there? Where did the grandparents come from and what does this place look like now? What happened with the swimming lake where you used to ice-skate? And to the meadows or the old mill that they used to talk about so much? If you are interested in the roots of your family and your origins, you can find it out!

What has changed, what remained as it was before? Who are the people who live now in the house of your ancestors and where did they come from? Learn more about it!

With our support you can visit the area, discover all its secrets and meet its inhabitants without any lingual or cultural barrier.

Our offer is directed to persons who were born in Central and Eastern Europe - and to their descendants. We act for you and only for you - we principally do not organise group tours to the sites of your personal history. You can tell us about your exact needs and expectations and receive an individually prepared journey. You are the only person deciding who is also going to participate in it.

In order to address your individual needs, we organise journeys in two models: individual companion and all-inclusive offer.