Lubuskie - Layers of a Landscape

We take you for a journey to the west end of Poland: the Terra Transoderana - Country on the Oder River, the former german Eastern Brandenburg, nowadays the Polish Voivodeship Lubuskie.

The area is characterised by a special cultural landscape, with its Polish-German history and ancient towns which nowadays resemble small villages. Till the times of the Second World War it played the role of Berlin's summer resort and it still attracts visitors with its scenic beauty, vast forests and lakes. 

As a consequence of the Second World War, almost the whole population of the region underwent forced migration. New inhabitants were brought here from all parts of the pre-war Poland, partially also being brutally expelled from their previous living place. Nowadays, the third generation of the settlers managed to overcome the feelings of being stranger in this land and developed a local indentity based partially on the bond with the German history of this area. Former German inhabitants also participate in this process and in the foundation of places of intercultural exchange.

Discover this region with us!

We cooperate with local partners and are devoted to the concept of sustainable tourism. Our offer combines education and entertainment, culture and nature, the contemporary and the historical. 

We have worked in this region since the time of our university studies. We developed special tours, trips and additional tourist offers in this diversified, fascinating and at the same time touristically almost unknown area for you. It starts just 70 kilometres away from Berlin! 

Our programme encompasses tours and trips with fixed dates for individual travellers. 

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