All-inclusive offer

Our all-inclusive offer combines all services of a professional travel agency with competent personal preparation and individual accompanying - something quite necessary during the special trip to the roots of your history. 

It is you who decides where exactly you will go. It depends also only on your decision who (e.g. your relatives) will accompany you.

After consultation with you, we organise your complete individual journey: the accomodation, full or half board, programme and transfer - if requested, even from your doorstep. You don't have to worry about calculations: everything is summed up in one price. 

The services of your individual companion are already included therein. It means that you have a professionally trained and experienced guide fully at your disposal: for establishing contacts, moderating meetings, interpreting your conversations, guiding you through the historical and cultural landscape of cities and villages as well as for all organisational issues. 

Basic research, travel insurance and guarantee of a high quality of our services are also already included in this offer. 


Also here the starting point is the remuneration for your individual companion of 160 euro per day. All other services are organised in consultation with you. We take into account all your wishes on the number of participants, the programme and form of travelling. This is why we can make an offer only after receiving your non-binding query. 

Please use the query form to provide us with all necessary information. Here you can submit your phone number if you prefer us to call you back.